Enterprise Electric has been a family owned business for generations. Being proactive in the communities we service has always been a priority. While providing our customers with the latest in energy saving technologies we never take our eyes off the future. Through our initiatives we bring together environmentally conscious citizens and employees with bottom line driven decision makers and owners. By working with Enterprise Electric towns and businesses across the state are slashing energy costs. Building a smarter, efficient and bright future for the next generation is not just a goal it’s our mission. Do you want to help make a positive change right here, right now? Take a few minutes to see what we are up to, how you can contact the decision makers in your home town and make an investment in your community for the future.

Municipal LED Lighting

The Facts
Outdoor public lighting systems can account for as much as 40 percent of municipal governments total electricity costs. Enterprise Electric would like to talk to the decision makers in your town about lowering that cost with no out-of-pocket investment for your community. That’s right and what’s even better is that the program is guaranteed to succeed. Don’t believe us? Just ask the city of Austin TX which will be saving $200,000 this year and every year to come on their municipal electrical cost. The size of your town is irrelevant. We can save any community money, guaranteed.

How does it work?
Enterprise Electric along with some of the most trusted names in the lighting industry will come to your community and provide professionally engineered solutions to meet your needs. We will come back to your town or city with a budget neutral or self-funding proposal. This is achieved by using the resulting energy and operating cost savings to pay for the project over time. After the project has been paid off every penny in energy cost saving is yours.

The Facts

Going green!
The best part of these projects is that they are win-win. While towns and cities are ‘saving green’ with LED lighting projects, they are helping our communities ‘stay green’. By using only a fraction of the electricity of traditional lighting, LEDs by nature are good for our environment. Many towns and cities are taking the next step too. Reinvesting the money saved into other green technology and projects. So get the ball rolling in your community. Have the decision makers in your community contact Enterprise Electric today.

Eye Light Bulb Replacement

Eye Light

Interior Lighting up grades

Want Energy Efficient Lighting for your business or municipality?

Eliminate T-12 Fixtures!

The T-12 fixture is on its way out. You can still buy them, but just like the 100 watt incandescent light bulb, the T-12 bulb is on it’s way out. The government is not allowing manufacturers to make them after 2012.

Interior Lighting
Retrofit Existing 8' 2 Bulb T-12 Fixtures
Retrofitting T-12’s is one of the easiest ways to upgrade the fixture to more energy efficient technology. We will take apart the existing fixture in place and replace components.Depending on the style of existing light we will need the following components of a T-12 Retrofit.

  • New Energy Efficient Ballast
  • New Tombstones (This is where the bulb is attached at both ends…because they sort of look like a tombstone I guess)
  • New Cover
  • 4 Energy Efficient Bulbs Instead of 2

The retrofit materials are a little less expensive than a new replacement fixture, but it may take a little more labor to replace the components.

Benefit: Better light, reduced wattage, longer life bulbs, less maintenance.

Replace Existing Fixtures With New T-8 or T-5
If you really want a new fixture, then you can replace the fixture all-together with a new energy efficient T-8.

This step is really not necessary unless the old fixtures are just too dirty. The labor for taking down the old and putting up a new would be pretty close to the same as retrofitting the fixture.

Benefit: Same as above, the only difference is the shell of the fixture.

Re-design To Reduce Energy Cost and Increase Quality of Light

This is one of the best ways to change the lighting and energy efficiency of your facility. This is taking the area, looking at the dimensions and calculating your lighting levels comparing old lighting levels to new lighting levels.

By using a photometric layout, your lighting designer can provide the least amount of fixtures necessary while maximizing the amount of light to increase lighting levels.