Health and safety are crucial factors in the workplace. Enterprise Electric, Inc. has an impeccable record of being committed to the safety of our workforce and to everyone around us on our projects. We always maintain a very high standard for safety and health in the workplace by having safety awareness through continued education and certifications in all aspects of safe work practices.

Since 2004, our employees have worked hundreds of thousands of hours and obtained an experience modification rating of 0.82. For the 8th consecutive year we have worked without a lost time injury.

Establishing and monitoring safe workplace practices and performing routine safety inspections are just two of the many ways that we at Enterprise Electric, Inc. strive to reduce the potentials of injuries at work. Safety is our number one priority.

Key Elements of our Safety Program:

  • Each foreman and supervisor are required to complete a 10 hour OSHA training class.
  • Wear at all times while on the job site a hard hat, safety glasses, and work boots – this also applies to keeping tools in good operating condition, wearing proper work attire, using lifts and ladders correctly, and helping to maintain a clean/unobstructed worksite.
  • Site specific safety plans – evaluate safety needs prior to the start of a new job
  • Investigate any and all accidents
  • Maintain records of all jobsite injuries on required OSHA forms
  • To maintain an open door policy for employees to consult with management regarding any safety problems or concerns
  • Conduct weekly foreman led “tool box talk” meetings
  • Each employee is responsible for attending and completing a continuing safety training program
  • Newly hired employees must attend a “New Hire Safety Orientation” class
  • First Aid & CPR training as required by OSHA
  • Confined space training
  • Material Safety Data Sheets and Hazard Communication training
  • All field employees are required to take a 10 hour OSHA class

Enterprise Electric completed the following safety training in 2012:

  • June 20th: First Aid & CPR
  • June 20th: Physicals completed for all CDL Drivers

Enterprise Electric completed the following safety training in March/April 2010:

  • OSHA 10
  • First Aid / CPR
  • Accident Investigation
  • Trench Safety
  • Aerial / Scissor Lift Training
  • Site Health & Safety Plans
  • Job Safety Analysis
  • Workzone Safety & Flagging

Step Safety Award – Gold Level